2. Gillian Flynn – Sharp Objects

Yesterday I finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, two days after I started it! Flynn is a great writer and I can never put her books down.

I read Gone Girl over the summer and LOVED it (the movie too!), so I’ve been wanting to read her other two novels for a while now. My sister gave me both of them for Christmas and told me she bought Sharp Objects for herself too, so I had to read that one first so we could talk about it. Nothing like sisterly bonding, right?

I’d looked up reviews of both Sharp Objects and Dark Places before, and from what I had gathered, they were both equally as addicting as Gone Girl but also both creepier, so I had that in mind going in.

I would definitely agree that this book is creepier than Gone Girl, but it wasn’t as creepy as I was expecting it to be. The story line is really interesting and I had a hard time putting this book down… In fact, one night I read until 2 A.M. while my boyfriend slept when I finally decided to get ready for bed. After brushing my teeth and laying down for a few minutes, I had to turn the lights back on and keep reading until 3.

Gillian Flynn - Sharp Objects (photo taken by me)
Gillian Flynn – Sharp Objects (photo taken by me)

The story follows a journalist named Camille who lives in Chicago but is taken back to her hometown in Missouri to investigate a pair of murders of young girls. While she’s gathering information about the killings, she’s also staying in her mother’s house with her stepfather and 13 year old half sister, all of whom she doesn’t really get along with.

This book is thrilling, creepy, exciting, and full of unexpected turns. I flew through it and would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially if they had read and liked Gone Girl. After finishing this, I can’t wait to read Dark Places, although I’m going to wait a while and read some other books first, because once I’ve read all three books, I think I’m going to miss Flynn’s writing style and crazy stories.


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