7. Rachel Dratch – Girl Walks Into a Bar

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. The past week was filled with spending as much time as I could with my boyfriend before I had to leave for school, moving back to school, settling in with my new roommate, and then dealing with the first week of classes. Moving back to school is always really hard for me so I’ve been feeling kind of down lately. Long distance relationships suck no matter how far the distance is, but I’m trying to be grateful that I’m only 4 hours away and I get to see my boyfriend at least once a month.

It’s been a hectic week to say the least, but since it’s the weekend now, I’ve finally had some downtime to read in between showing my new roommate around the town. I had started Girl Walks Into a Bar by Rachel Dratch before I left for school, but only got about 10 pages in, so I basically read the whole thing this weekend.

You probably know Rachel Dratch from SNL (she played Debbie Downer in one of the funniest skits I’ve ever seen) or maybe some small roles she’s had in a few Adam Sandler movies.

Her memoir goes through her college days, moving to Chicago to do improv shows, moving on to SNL, and she talks about her love life and experiences in dating. Basically the book is a log of her life told as a story.

Rachel Dratch - Girl Walks Into A Bar (photo taken by me)
Rachel Dratch – Girl Walks Into A Bar (photo taken by me)

I’m still not so sure how I feel about this book. Usually, I love memoirs, especially when they’re written by comedians. However, from the start, Girl Walks Into a Bar struggled to get me hooked. The story was pretty fun and interesting, everything I would expect a comedian’s memoir to be, but I just didn’t have a real interest in reading it. As I’ve mentioned in some of my other posts, a lot of books have me hooked and I don’t want to put them down, but this one I kind of just read through to get it over with.

One thing I did really like about this book was the ending. Dratch writes at the end that she wishes there was a way to package the story up with a nice bow and present it as the end of the story, but she can’t. However, I really felt like it was all tied together at the end and it had a really nice ending.

Her story is also a very happy one. At the beginning, you see Dratch struggling as a comedian and later in the story you hear about her troubles finding love. But by the end of the book, she’s in a happy place. Sure, she admits that she doesn’t actually have it all figured out and that she’s just taking life as it comes at her, but I like that. I like seeing that she has a happy and fulfilled life but that she isn’t always 100% sure of what she’s doing. It makes me feel like it’s okay not to know exactly what you’re doing or that maybe it’s okay to not have a set plan.

Although I struggled to stay interested in the book, at the end, it made me feel happy, and because of that, I liked it.


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