20. Madeleine Wickham – Cocktails for Three

I finished this book last night but didn’t want to post twice in the same day, so I’m gonna write about it quickly now before I hop on the train to go home!

The book is Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham. I’d seen this book online before and then I found it in Barnes & Noble the other day, so I decided to pick it up.

Madeleine Wickham - Cocktails for Three (photo taken by me)
Madeleine Wickham – Cocktails for Three (photo taken by me)

The story starts with three friends, Candice, Maggie and Roxanne, meeting each other at a bar for drinks, something they do every month. The rest of the story follows each of them through an important time in their life, but since they’re friends, their stories intertwine.

At the start of the book, Maggie is pregnant and soon figures out that she might not be cut out for motherhood. Roxanne is having an affair with a married man, but things don’t go as she had planned, and Candice meets someone from her past that has a dark secret. Throughout the book you dive in to each girl’s life to find out what happens next.

I thought this book was okay. It was another book that didn’t really grab my attention at the start, but I stuck with it and wound up liking it by the end. In my opinion, I think this story would make a really good movie. One of the stories was really juicy and I always wanted to find out what would happen next, so I read through it pretty quickly.

The whole time I was reading this book, I was imagining it in my head as a movie. It’s very dramatic and leaves you wanting more, which is why I said I think it would make for a good film.

In any case, I generally liked the book. It seems like it’s for more of an older crowd, so I might not recommend it to someone my age or younger, but if you think it sounds interesting, I’d definitely say to give it a try.


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