22. Melissa Bank – The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing

I’m super sick. On Sunday, I woke up with my throat hurting, Monday I went to one class then came back to my room and slept for four hours. So I took yesterday off from class and today off from work to rest and get better before I go away for the weekend.

I spent all day yesterday in bed watching Netflix… I finished all of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Have any of you guys watched that yet? Let me know how you feel about it!

Today, I decided to be a little bit more productive, and I read a book instead, The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Banks (I also painted my nails a pretty new color I got from Julep, as you can see in the picture below). I don’t know what made me buy this book. I think I saw it on Amazon after going through a bunch of books and it looked interesting so I bought it. I’ve had it on my bookshelf since around Christmastime without reading it.

I picked it up today and read the back cover before starting it. The description on the back of the book says, “with an unforgettable comic touch, Bank skillfully teases out issues of the heart, puts a new spin on the mating dance, and captures in perfect pitch what it’s like to be a young woman coming of age in America today.”

After reading that, I looked at the inside of the book to see what year the book was published: 1999. Oh great, I thought. This is going to be so outdated and I’m going to hate it. 

Melissa Bank - The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing (photo taken by me)
Melissa Bank – The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing (photo taken by me)

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It’s obviously set in a different time than now, but the main character, Jane Rosenal, is so relatable, it was still a good read. The book is a bunch of different stories piecing together Jane’s life – almost like a memoir although it is fiction.

At the start of the book, Jane is 14 years old on summer vacation, and it’s a good story to start the book and reel the reader in. I flew through this book and finished it in a matter of hours.

Obviously, since this book came out in 1999, the “dating” aspect is a little different than it is today. Jane goes through the dating tango with a couple of guys, and the whole time they’re playing phone tag while calling each other – something that really doesn’t happen today because everyone just texts. Also, there’s a lot of calls made from payphones in the book, which don’t really happen anymore either. These didn’t really get in the way of the story for me though.

The only other complaint I have about this book is that one of the stories is about an entirely different family who lives in the apartment below Jane at that point in her life. At first, I didn’t even realize the story wasn’t from Jane’s perspective, because up until that point, they all had been. Once I figured it out, that whole story just didn’t really make sense to me. I still don’t really see how it fit in to the rest of the story. Maybe I’m just missing something.

Anyway, it was a pretty good book. It was definitely better than I was expecting it to be, and it was a really easy read, which I was thankful for. I was feeling kind of like I was slacking in my reading lately, so this book really helped to catch up quickly.


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