26. Kate White – Eyes on You

Hey guys! I’m so glad to be getting back into the swing of things with reading a lot and posting on here. Besides reading, I’ve still been up to a lot lately since I just got home for summer vacation. On Monday night, my boyfriend and I went to the movies to the Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was so good. I must confess – I haven’t seen the first Avengers movie, but I like superhero movies so I still went to go see it, and I’m glad I did… besides the fact that our movie started skipping partway through! Have any of you guys seen it yet? What did you think of it?

Anyway, I just finished another book, Eyes on You by Kate White. I love Kate White’s books. A while back, I read Hush, and I couldn’t put it down, so I looked into other books she had written. I got Eyes on You and I’m currently waiting for another one of her books to show up in the mail. After that, I’m going to start reading a mystery series she has. I can’t wait.

Kate White - Eyes on You (photo taken by me)
Kate White – Eyes on You (photo taken by me)

So this book is about a woman named Robin who is a coanchor on a nightly celebrity-news-ish show. At the start of the book, she’s having a lot of success, both with her show and with a book she wrote about to be released. However, some weird things start to happen to her.

At first, she finds a nasty note slipped into her purse, but it quickly escalates. All these weird, creepy things start happening to her at work. Robin thinks she knows who’s behind all these attacks, but no one at her work will believe her, and she has to try to prove it by herself.

It’s a really good book. I love suspense novels (unless they’re cheesy), like Gillian Flynn’s books. I think Kate White’s books are just as suspenseful as Flynn’s, but less gory. One criticism I had is that since I knew the big plot twist in her other book I had read, I kind of suspected the turn in this book too, but it was still a good read.

I could hardly put this book down and I’m still looking forward to read White’s other books. If you’re into suspense books, she’s definitely an author worth checking out.


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