36. Taylor Jenkins Reid – Forever, Interrupted

You guys. I think I’ve found the one.

My new favorite book.

I just finished Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid. And I loved it. Every second of it.

Taylor Jenkins Reid - Forever, Interrupted (photo taken by me)
Taylor Jenkins Reid – Forever, Interrupted (photo taken by me)

The main character of this book is named Elsie. At the start of the book, Elsie is a newlywed. She’s been married to Ben for nine days and they were only dating for six months before that. But they’re madly in love.

Elsie and Ben are sitting on their couch in wedded bliss when she says she’s craving Fruity Pebbles. Ben jumps up to save the day and heads out on his bicycle to get Elsie the cereal she wants. But he never comes home with it.

On his way home, Ben is hit by a truck and killed on impact. Just like that, the man Elsie loves is gone.

She’s soon in the hospital, waiting to see her husband’s body, when his mother, who doesn’t even know Elsie exists, comes in. Elsie has to introduce herself to Susan and explain her relationship with Ben, but Susan wants to hear nothing of it.

The book flashes back and forth in time to tell two stories at once – Elsie and Ben’s love story alongside Elsie and Susan’s healing process.

I loved this book. The whole time. I could hardly put it down (until last night when I forced myself to stop reading just so I could have one more day with it).

The writing style is great, I really came to love the characters and feel like they were people I knew. I loved how Jenkins went back and forth between the two stories. Ben and Elsie’s love story was amazing and romantic, while the story after his death was emotional and moving. If the story had just been about Elsie dealing with her husband’s death, it probably would have been too sad for me to read, but interweaving their relationship makes the book warm your heart.

I honestly feel like this is my new favorite book. It moved me in a way no other book has. It also really made me appreciate the love I have in my life.

For anyone who’s read the book, you’ll find it funny that my copy was a used one bought from a library. But I can totally see myself buying a brand new copy in the future. I’ve heard it said before – you can never have too many copies of your favorite book.

I definitely think I’ll be reading this book again in the future. I absolutely love the story. I also can’t wait to read Jenkins’ other books (and hopefully she writes lots more!).

I would 100% recommend this book to others, it’s an easy read but a great story. The book pulled at my heartstrings the whole time and made me tear up more than once – no easy feat with me.


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