37. Peter Swanson – The Girl With a Clock for a Heart

I have a really serious problem.

Right now, I only have two books in my to be read pile. And no money to buy new ones! What am I gonna do if I run out of books?!

I just ordered two more books, but I was hoping to save those to bring to school at the end of the month (don’t remind me…).

Anyway, I was looking through all the books in my room to see if there were any unread ones I had missed. I found this book that I bought a while ago but wasn’t super excited to read.

I found The Girl With a Clock for a Heart at Costco at the beginning of the summer. I find that when I book up a book at Costco that I haven’t heard of before, it usually doesn’t end well for me. But for some reason, I had gotten this one, and I decided to give it a try.

I”m still not too sure how I felt about it, though.

The main character is a guy named George. When George was in college, he fell in love with a girl who had gotten into some pretty serious trouble (like possibly murdering someone!) and then disappeared from his life.

Peter Swanson - The Girl With a Clock for a Heart (photo taken by me)
Peter Swanson – The Girl With a Clock for a Heart (photo taken by me)

That is, until he randomly sees her at a bar he frequents twenty years later. Liana shows up and asks George for a favor. He can’t help but to say yes, because he’s still kind of in love with her and wants to keep her safe. However, things are never as they seem with Liana.

The book jumps back and forth telling the story of George and Liana’s relationship starting when they were in college and what happens when she reenters his life now.

As I’m sure you can guess, George gets mixed up in some shady stuff and finds himself in danger more than once. Even though she’s betrayed him before, George can’t help but love Liana and try to protect her, but he comes to find he’s been a part of something he didn’t fully understand.

This book surprised me with how much I liked it (since I usually don’t enjoy books I pick up at Costco), but I still wasn’t a huge fan. The story was interesting enough, but had kind of a cliffhanger ending that just left me feeling like it was unfinished. In terms of suspense novels, this one wasn’t too scary but still left me wanting to know what happened next.

It was definitely an easy read, which is why I think it stood out to me compared to other books I buy there, they usually are too boring for me to get into. I flew through this one and it didn’t even feel like I had been reading it that long.

If you think this book sounds interesting, I’d recommend it, because it doesn’t really disappoint. I think the story overall was intriguing, albeit far-fetched, I just wasn’t a huge fan of the ending.


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