38. Molly Wizenberg – A Homemade Life

Ugh. I’m sick. Who gets a cold in the middle of summer?!

Obviously, being sick leaves a lot of time for reading, so I finished up my latest book in just two days.

Molly Wizenberg - A Homemade Life (photo taken by me)
Molly Wizenberg – A Homemade Life (photo taken by me)

The book is A Homemade Life, a memoir by Molly Wizenberg. I’ve had this book laying around for a while, ever since I read Delancey, another memoir of hers about the restaurant she opened with her husband. A Homemade Life came first, and is a memoir of Wizenberg’s life, revolving around food, and she put recipes throughout the book.

I’ve been a little hesitant to read this book. I’m not really sure why, because I loved Delancey. I thought that a book filled with recipes would be weird or boring, but it wasn’t.

Wizenberg has a really cool way of telling stories from her whole life that have food intertwined, so that the recipes following each chapter make perfect sense.

Food obviously plays an important role in her life, so, naturally, it plays an important role in the book. It was a really interesting take on a traditional memoir, and I flew through it.

My only complaint is that most of Wizenberg’s recipes are a little too exotic for my tastes and I probably won’t ever try most of them, although some did sound too good not to try.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and it was fun to have recipes to go along with each of her stories. She has a really fun way of sharing her life based on food dishes, and it’s a good, easy read.


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