44. Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

Yikes! I keep forgetting to post on here! In my defense, I had a super busy weekend this past weekend going home for Oktoberfest (which was super fun)!

Anyway, I finished this book the weekend before last. I read it in just two days while I was at my grandparents’ house.

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me (photo taken by me)
Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me (photo taken by me)

It’s a Chelsea Handler book but it’s written by other people in her life, like her friends and family.

All the contributors tell stories that paint a picture of Chelsea in the reader’s head, so that by the end we really feel like we know her.

I used to always watch Chelsea Lately when I was in high school and I’ve previously read Chelsea’s book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. 

That being said, I had a pretty good picture of Chelsea in my head already, but since she’s so hilarious, I felt like this book was worth a read. I’m also still thinking of reading some of her other books in the future.

This book is really funny. Some parts are really inappropriate and kind of crude, but if you’re at all familiar with Chelsea Handler, that won’t surprise you. If you’re unfamiliar with these comedians, you may be a little shocked by the topics or wording, but if you know them and think they’re funny, than you’ll probably like the book.


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