46. Kate White – Til Death Do Us Part

Ugh, I am swamped with schoolwork this week. But, I somehow I’ve still found reading time.

My latest book was ‘Til Death Do Us Part, the third book in Kate White’s series following Bailey Weggins.

Kate White - Til Death Do Us Part (photo taken by me)
Kate White – Til Death Do Us Part (photo taken by me)

In this book, Bailey gets a message from a woman named Ashley, who was a bridesmaid in a wedding with Bailey a few years earlier. Ashley tells Bailey that two of the other bridesmaids from that wedding had had sudden accidental deaths, but she is suspicious about them.

Ashley has reason to believe that the two deaths were actually murders, and she wants Bailey to look into it.

Bailey ends up in Greenwich, Connecticut, at the home of Peyton Cross, the bride of the wedding she had been in. She starts looking into the other bridesmaids’ deaths and before long finds herself right in the middle of trouble.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know how much I love Kate White’s books, and this is no exception. In terms of the Bailey Weggins series, I especially like this book. I was hooked through the whole book and totally sideswiped by the ending. I do like the series but I would more likely recommend White’s newer books to new readers.


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