51. Matthew Quick – Silver Linings Playbook

Hey hey! This weekend I went to New York with my boyfriend to celebrate his birthday! It was super fun, but also meant two bus rides, aka plenty of reading time.

I finished Silver Linings Playbook, which I’ve been curious to read for a while. I really liked the movie, and I heard that a lot had been left out from the book, so I was a little nervous to read it. Usually if I see the movie first, I don’t like the book as much, and I was afraid that would happen with this one.

I’m sure most people know the story of Silver Linings Playbook, but I’ll still go over it anyway.

Matthew Quick – Silver Linings Playbook (photo taken by me)

So, the narrator of the book is a guy in his thirties named Pat. At the start of the book, Pat’s mom gets him released from a mental health facility and takes him home to live with her. Throughout the book, we follow Pat’s struggle to reenter society and deal with his thoughts while also learning what happened that made him end up in the facility.

After he gets out, Pat is determined to better himself to win his wife back, since she has refused to see him since he left for the “bad place”, so he spends most of his time obsessing over that.

It’s true that the movie left out a lot from the book, and in fact, I see them as almost two different stories. In the movie adaptation, some of the details are changed which change the whole story in a way. Reading the book hasn’t made me like the movie any less, I just don’t really see them as the exact same story.

I really liked the book. The way it’s written gives the reader a look into Pat’s personal diary, so we experience the whole story through his eyes. I think the author did a really good job of showing what life is like for someone like Pat and how he sees things differently than others do.

The whole time, the reader is rooting for Pat to get better and find his happy ending that he’s searching for, and I honestly thought it was such a good read.

I was really interested in what would happen next in the story and I was sad to see it end. However, I wasn’t super pleased with the ending, but it wasn’t bad enough to ruin the whole story for me.

It’s definitely different from the movie version, but as I said, I liked them both in their own ways, and I would suggest the book to anyone who is a fan of the movie.


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