55. Kate White – Lethally Blond

Hey everyone! Since the year’s almost over (yikes!), I’m reading a lot to try and reach my goal of 60 books this year. I think I can do it… here’s hoping!

So, earlier this week, I finished book number 55, Lethally Blond by Kate White. As you all know by now, I love Kate White’s books, and since this is the fifth book in the Bailey Weggins mystery series, I knew I’d be able to buzz right through it.

Kate White – Lethally Blond (photo taken by me)

So, this book follows the main character, Bailey, who is a crime reporter for a gossip magazine. At the beginning of the book, an ex-fling named Chris reaches out to Bailey to ask for help.

Chris’ friend and coworker Tom has disappeared, but everyone seems to think he’s just run off, so no one is looking for him. Chris has a feeling that something is wrong, so he asks Bailey to look into it for him, since he knows she’s helped solve some murders before.

Bailey sets of determined to find Tom, and before long she does, but it’s just his body that she finds in his late parents’ abandoned vacation home. Now Bailey is not looking for a missing person, but a killer.

We follow Bailey through her investigation to find Tom’s killer and, in the process, her troubles with her love life.

As I’ve said before, I love White’s novels, so naturally I liked this book. As I was reading it, it didn’t seem as interesting to me as her other books, but I was totally surprised by the ending. I honestly had no idea who the killer was going to be throughout the whole book and the ending had a nice twist, so overall I liked the book a lot.


34. Kate White – If Looks Could Kill

Hey guys! I just finished another book.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love Kate White’s books. The last one I read was If Looks Could Kill, the first in a series following the narrator, Bailey Weggins. I was excited to start this one because now I’ll have more to read after it.

Kate White - If Looks Could Kill (photo taken by me)
Kate White – If Looks Could Kill (photo taken by me)

At the start of the book, Bailey is in bed with her latest flame when her friend and boss Cat calls her. Cat is freaking out because her nanny isn’t answering her door and she has a feeling something bad has happened. Bailey goes over and enters the nanny’s apartment through Cat’s basement to find the nanny dead.

I’m sure you can guess how the story unfolds. The nanny’s death is suspicious, and Bailey starts investigating it. Cat asks Bailey to look into it because she’s a reporter and has a good knack for noticing things others look over. It turns out that the nanny was murdered, and Bailey is left to figure out who did it.

I liked this book. One thing with Kate White’s books is that the setup tends to be kind of similar in all of them – a single woman in her 30s or 40s, living in New York City, is investigating a murder mystery for some reason. However, I still enjoy them.

I was really worried that this book was going to have the same twist as one of her other books I’ve read. It really seemed like it was going to be that way, but at the end, I was wrong. I was totally surprised by who the murderer turned out to be.

The one thing I didn’t really like about the book was how quickly it ended. I know mystery books usually wrap up pretty quickly once it’s solved, but this one seemed to be even shorter than most are.

Overall, though, I liked this book. I was eager to get home to read it while I was out, and I finished it in just a few (busy) days. I’m excited to be able to follow the series and read some more books by Kate White.

28. Kate White – The Sixes

I don’t know about you guys, but this summer has been off to a busy start for me! Last Thursday was my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend, then Friday I had to wake up early to take a train to New York City for my sister’s bachelorette weekend! We celebrated Friday night and went out to a karaoke bar Saturday night, and after getting three hours of sleep I got up to take another train home so I could make it to my boyfriend’s graduation party! Talk about a long and busy weekend.

Anyway, all that train riding gave me plenty of reading time (when I wasn’t catching up on sleep), and I finished my newest book on Tuesday night. I didn’t have time to write this yesterday because I had to spend the day traveling to Massachusetts to pick up my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding. Jeeze, I’ve been busy lately.

So the book was The Sixes by Kate White. If you’ve been following along, you know that I really like White’s books (check out my reviews of her other books I’ve read, Hush and Eyes on You). They are all kind of similar in nature, and once you’ve read one, you might be able to see the twists coming in the rest of the books, but I still really like them. I’m on a kick of suspense novels lately, feel free to suggest any you think I might like!

Kate White - The Sixes (photo taken by me)
Kate White – The Sixes (photo taken by me)

Anyway, The Sixes follows a woman named Phoebe who was a writer living in New York City until her life turned upside down. She had been writing books about celebrity gossip and was accused of plagiarism on her latest book. The allegations turned out to be true because her research assistant hadn’t labeled her research.

So Phoebe ends up taking a break from her city life and moving to a small town in Pennsylvania to work as an adjunct professor at a college where her friend is the president. One night, Phoebe is walking across campus to head to dinner when she notices a large crowd gathered in the lawn. It turns out that a student has gone missing, and Phoebe remembers that she had a conversation with the student recently. The student, Lily, confronted Phoebe to ask for advice on how to start her life over after getting into a tough situation. Those are all the details that Phoebe knows, but she wants to find out more, so she begins investigating.

Phoebe soon learns about a secret society of girls on the campus, the Sixes. She thinks that they might have something to do with Lily’s disappearance, so she starts to look into them. And then Lily’s body is found floating in a nearby river. This changes Phoebe’s investigation.

The dean of the school tells Phoebe that he thinks it might be the work of a serial killer, and presents her with similar cases in the area and at other schools. Phoebe now not only wants to figure out what is going on with the Sixes, but feels the need to find out who the murderer is too.

This book is full of turns, and I honestly didn’t know who the murderer was going to be until right before they are found out. At the beginning, the book might have gone a little slow, but I stuck with it and by the end I didn’t want to put it down. If you like suspense, this is definitely a good read.

26. Kate White – Eyes on You

Hey guys! I’m so glad to be getting back into the swing of things with reading a lot and posting on here. Besides reading, I’ve still been up to a lot lately since I just got home for summer vacation. On Monday night, my boyfriend and I went to the movies to the Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was so good. I must confess – I haven’t seen the first Avengers movie, but I like superhero movies so I still went to go see it, and I’m glad I did… besides the fact that our movie started skipping partway through! Have any of you guys seen it yet? What did you think of it?

Anyway, I just finished another book, Eyes on You by Kate White. I love Kate White’s books. A while back, I read Hush, and I couldn’t put it down, so I looked into other books she had written. I got Eyes on You and I’m currently waiting for another one of her books to show up in the mail. After that, I’m going to start reading a mystery series she has. I can’t wait.

Kate White - Eyes on You (photo taken by me)
Kate White – Eyes on You (photo taken by me)

So this book is about a woman named Robin who is a coanchor on a nightly celebrity-news-ish show. At the start of the book, she’s having a lot of success, both with her show and with a book she wrote about to be released. However, some weird things start to happen to her.

At first, she finds a nasty note slipped into her purse, but it quickly escalates. All these weird, creepy things start happening to her at work. Robin thinks she knows who’s behind all these attacks, but no one at her work will believe her, and she has to try to prove it by herself.

It’s a really good book. I love suspense novels (unless they’re cheesy), like Gillian Flynn’s books. I think Kate White’s books are just as suspenseful as Flynn’s, but less gory. One criticism I had is that since I knew the big plot twist in her other book I had read, I kind of suspected the turn in this book too, but it was still a good read.

I could hardly put this book down and I’m still looking forward to read White’s other books. If you’re into suspense books, she’s definitely an author worth checking out.

21. Kate White – Hush (and my 21st birthday!)

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted, but my 21st birthday was this weekend! It was actually on Easter, which was a little bit lame, but I still did some stuff to celebrate.

On Thursday, I took the train home from school so I could spend the weekend with my boyfriend. On the train, I read almost all of my newest book, which I’ll talk about more later.

I didn’t do too much to celebrate my birthday over the weekend. On Friday night, I went to my boyfriend’s house and we made homemade pizza for dinner, which I’ve been craving ever since I read Delancey, haha. IMG_1651

On Saturday night, I stayed at home, but Boyfriend went out and bought stuff to make fun drinks at midnight once I was officially 21. We made adult cherry limeades, which were supposed to be like the cherry limeade from Sonic. They were pretty good drinks, the recipe can be found here if you’re interested. Also, check out my Instagram @becc.adams if you wanna see pictures from my birthday!

On Sunday, we woke up pretty early for a 3 hour ride to my grandparents’ house for Easter. I spent the day with my family, until about 7 when my parents and Boyfriend (and my puppy) all had to leave to go home but I stayed at my grandparents’ house for the night. It was really sad saying goodbye to them and that I didn’t really get to celebrate with Boyfriend, but it was still a good day and I was glad he was willing to deal with my crazy family all day. 🙂IMG_1685

After everyone had gone home, my cousin came back to my grandparents’ house to take me out so I could order my first legal drink! We went to On The Border just for quick appetizers and a drink. Mostly, I just wanted to take part in the tradition of going out for a drink on your 21st birthday just because you can. I got a margarita, and didn’t even get carded! How disappointing!

Anyway, somewhere between all the fun and drinks, I managed to finish a book! The book was Hush by Kate White, who used to be the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. I found this book on the clearance table at Barnes & Noble. Originally I didn’t have very high expectations for the book, but I’ve been trying to branch out from my usual genre of memoirs, so I picked it up.

Kate White - Hush (photo taken by me)
Kate White – Hush (photo taken by me)

The book is about a middle-aged woman named Lake who is going through a divorce and works as a marketing agent for a fertility clinic. One night, Lake goes out with a new doctor at the clinic, and ends up going back to his apartment and sleeping with him. Later that night, the man she slept with is murdered, and to avoid complicating her custody battle with her ex, Lake lies to cover herself.

In order to prove that she isn’t the murderer, Lake tries to figure out who did kill the doctor so she can point the cops in that direction. She ends up digging up some unexpected troubles at the clinic she works at, and the book follows her mission to solve the murder and expose the clinic.

The cover of this book has a quote saying this book is “a real page-turner,” and it definitely is. I loved this book. I read almost 250 pages of it on the train ride home, which made the 6 hour ride fly by for me. There were lots of turns in the book and I was always wanting more.

It’s a good mystery without being really scary, it had a lot of unexpected twists, and I read through it really fast. I would definitely recommend this book to someone looking for a thriller and I am now going to look into reading other books written by White.

17. Gillian Flynn – Dark Places

Whoa, I’ve been MIA for a while! As I mentioned before, I was on Spring Break last week, and the end of the week was a little hectic. Thursday and Friday I was busy watching basketball all day (how are your guys’ brackets doing?), Saturday I went to New York City for the day and Sunday I came back to school.

IMG_1140Sunday was my sister’s 29th birthday and she lives in Manhattan, so my family went to visit her Saturday. We went to Shake Shack for lunch and then visited the MoMA, which was fun!

Anyway, somehow during all that, I managed to read a book, Dark Places by Gillian Flynn! I have now read all three of her books (I think there’s only three, right?), and unfortunately, this was my least favorite. That’s not to say it wasn’t good though.

First off, this book gave me nightmares. It’s very graphic and I woke up in the middle of the night with the pictures in my head a couple of times.

Also, the book is about a family that was murdered in their home in the middle of the night, so it reminded me a lot of In Cold Blood while I was reading it, even though it really wasn’t that similar.

Gillian Flynn - Dark Places (photo taken by me)
Gillian Flynn – Dark Places (photo taken by me)

The story follows Libby, a 30-something year old who is the survivor of an attack on her family when she was 7. Her brother was found guilty of the crime and has been in jail for over 20 years. Libby finds herself questioning people who might have information about that night in order to figure out what really happened.

The chapters of the book alternate from Libby’s point of view in current day to her brother and her mom’s experiences in the day leading up to the murder. I thought that was a really cool set up for the book and made the chapters end with cliffhangers.

In true Flynn style, the ending was unexpected. Towards the end of the book, I had suspects, but it always seemed like it would be too obvious, so I really never knew who it was going to turn out to be, I was definitely shocked by the ending.

Overall, I did like this book. I’m a big fan of Flynn’s writing and I hope for more books from her soon. As I said before, this is my least favorite of her books, but it’s still good (for the record, I can’t decide if I like Sharp Objects or Gone Girl more). If you’ve read either of her books and liked them, I’m sure you’ll like this one too. My only disclaimer would be the nightmares 😉

2. Gillian Flynn – Sharp Objects

Yesterday I finished Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, two days after I started it! Flynn is a great writer and I can never put her books down.

I read Gone Girl over the summer and LOVED it (the movie too!), so I’ve been wanting to read her other two novels for a while now. My sister gave me both of them for Christmas and told me she bought Sharp Objects for herself too, so I had to read that one first so we could talk about it. Nothing like sisterly bonding, right?

I’d looked up reviews of both Sharp Objects and Dark Places before, and from what I had gathered, they were both equally as addicting as Gone Girl but also both creepier, so I had that in mind going in.

I would definitely agree that this book is creepier than Gone Girl, but it wasn’t as creepy as I was expecting it to be. The story line is really interesting and I had a hard time putting this book down… In fact, one night I read until 2 A.M. while my boyfriend slept when I finally decided to get ready for bed. After brushing my teeth and laying down for a few minutes, I had to turn the lights back on and keep reading until 3.

Gillian Flynn - Sharp Objects (photo taken by me)
Gillian Flynn – Sharp Objects (photo taken by me)

The story follows a journalist named Camille who lives in Chicago but is taken back to her hometown in Missouri to investigate a pair of murders of young girls. While she’s gathering information about the killings, she’s also staying in her mother’s house with her stepfather and 13 year old half sister, all of whom she doesn’t really get along with.

This book is thrilling, creepy, exciting, and full of unexpected turns. I flew through it and would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially if they had read and liked Gone Girl. After finishing this, I can’t wait to read Dark Places, although I’m going to wait a while and read some other books first, because once I’ve read all three books, I think I’m going to miss Flynn’s writing style and crazy stories.